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Auto-Pyjama® Moto-Pyjama® Auto-Storm® PermaBag® PermaPack® TireShoes®


Stops Moisture In Cars

PermaPack removes moisture inside a car
No musty smells, no mildew

Keeps leather, wood and upholstery nice and dry. PermaPack will not drip, not even when saturated!  When full, simply bake in a normal household oven and reuse over and over again.

18cm (7”) for the car, 6cm (2½”) for the boot. The 18cm cylinder will absorb up to 600ml of water (one pint) whilst the 6cm can take up to 200ml.

  • 18cm for the car
  •   6cm for the boot
  • 316-stainles steel - Marine quality
  • Salt and seawater resistant
  • Will not drip, not even when saturated
  • Simply bake in an oven when full
  • Can be reused again and agan       
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Works for years and years