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Auto-Storm® CarPort CLASSIC
4-layer Outdoor Carport Protection

Auto-Storm® CarPort CLASSIC is a high quality fully breathable car cover, specially designed for use in a carport. A first-class choice for those looking for perfect weather protection whilst parked in a carport. So breathable even a wet car will dry out!

Auto-Storm® CarPort CLASSIC is one of its kind. This durable 4-layer outdoor cover has been specially designed to protect cars and motorbikes from extreme weather conditions whilst parked in a carport. Protects against wind, dirt, bird-droppings, tree-sap, ice, snow, and indirect rain. Fully breathable, no condensation.

For protection against rain and UV-rays the products Auto-Storm® AQUA and Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV are recommended.


Recommended Extras:

Set of Storm Straps:
essential during windy and stormy conditions 

Cable & Lock:
for tie-down security and protection against theft


  • For professional carport protection
  • Protects paint, leather, wood, rubber, upholstery and vinyl
  • With 4 upholstered and padded eyelets, 2 on each side
  • Fully breathable with no condensation
  • So breathable even a wet car will dry out
  • Super soft, 4-layer material with inner membrane
  • Moisture resistant on the outside - super soft on the inside
  • Welded, double-stitched waterproof seams
  • Includes a quality matching Carry Bag
  • Rot and mildew resistent
  • Colour: Natural mid grey
  • Hand Wash at 30°C


    "BEST BRAND" award by "Motor Klassik" magazine - Germany
    "BEST PRODUCT" award by "Classic & Sports Car" magazine – UK