Auto-Storm® AQUA Outdoor Car Cover

Auto-Storm® & Moto-Storm® AQUA
5-layer car cover for extreme weather conditions

Auto-Storm® AQUA is a fully breathable outdoor car cover for reliable protection even in extreme weather conditions. Auto-Storm® AQUA is also suitable for use in regions such as "rainy Scotland". No matter what the weather, stormy, windy, snowy, icy or constant rain, the Auto-Storm® AQUA will keep your vehicle clean and dry.

The 5-layer material offers extra soft padding for additional protection from falling pine cones, chestnuts, acorns and the like. Firthermore, the vehicle remains protected from environmental elements such as tree sap, bird droppings and dirt.

Auto-Storm® AQUA is so breathable even a wet car will dry out !

One of the special features of this cover is the unique double-layer protective structure, similar to that of a high-quality tent with a flysheet. The Auto-Storm® AQUA is made up of a soft 4-ply primary protective cover and a 1-ply secondary outer Top Cover. The Top Cover serves as a protective barrier by "filtering" heavy rain and converting it into a fine spray. This fine spray is then collected by the main cover below and the rainwater is then simply drained away, keeping the vehicle nice and dry, even in heavy and persistent rain. The Top Cover also protects the main cover underneath from dirt and other harmful environmental influences, thereby considerably extending its service life.

Auto-Storm® AQUA from J.F. Stanley & Co. is undoubtedly the most protective and breathable outdoor double cover on the market!

The service life of the 1-ply Top Cover depends on the frequency of use, typically 1 to 3 years, depending on the duration and intensity of sun exposure. If required, our customers have the privilege of purchasing a replacement top cover individually and at an affordable price. To prolong the lifespan of the Top Cover, it is recommended that the vehicle be parked in as shady a place as possible, especially when parked for extended periods of time.

Auto-Storm® AQUA is also suitable as effective dust protection for indoor use, such as in a garage or a shed.

For additional protection from heat and sun, we recommend the use of our Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV.

  • Fully breathable no condensation
  • 5-layer material with special intermediate membrane
  • Top cover made of 100g/m² extra strong material
  • Waterproof, with welded double seams
  • Stable elastic front and back
  • Water repellent outside and super soft inside
  • Mildew resistant
  • Colour: natural grey
  • 4 padded safety eyelets, 2 on each side
  • With 3 storm straps for windy and stormy conditions
  • With cable & lock for theft protection
  • Includes two convenient carry bags
  • Also suitable for indoor use
  • Hand washable at 30°C

  Also available as a set with useful extras at a special price:
  CombiSet No.3


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Auto-Pyjama® J.F.Stanley & Co. Car Covers have been honoured by the readers of the distinguished German magazine "Motor Klassik" with the BEST BRAND AWARD 2024 for car covers for the 14th time in a row.


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