Auto-Storm® Half Cover

Quality all seasons outdoor cockpit cover

Made of the same breathable material as our Auto-Storm® Classic car covers. So breathable even a wet car will dry out. Weatherproof, strong and breathable for all-round outdoor protection of roof, windows, seals and soft-top.

Includes two mirror pockets and elasticated hems along both sides of the car for quality “cling-on” support. Two adjustable elasticated straps, front and back for quick and easy fixture under the bumpers/spoilers of the car. No hooks, no eyelets, and simple to put on.

  • First class quality - for all seasons use
  • Fully breathable – no condensation
  • Can be used on a wet car
  • Covers the complete cockpit of the car
  • Super soft, tear resistant 4-layer barrier membrane
  • Moisture repellent on the outside, super soft on the inside
  • With double folded, double stitched seams
  • With mirror pockets for extra security
  • Heavy duty elasticated hems on both sides
  • With two adjustable elastic straps, front and back
  • No hooks, no eyelets, for quick and simple fastening
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • Practical matching carry-bag included
  • Colour: Natural mid-gray
  • Hand wash at 30°C