Auto-Storm® HAIL

Auto-Storm® HAIL is a 6-layer soft-padded speciality cover for added protection against hail. Specifically designed for extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Auto-Storm comprises of a 5-layer Auto-Storm® AQUA double-cover with a silver coloured heavy-duty cover over top for added protection against hail. This cover comes complete with three Storm Straps, a Cable & Lock for security and 5 “chassis cling” Safety-Straps for exceptionally windy and stormy conditions.

The Auto-Storm® HAIL must be seen as the most rain and hail resistant breathable car-cover combination on the market!

Auto-Storm® HAIL distinguishes itself from all other conventional outdoor car covers by the unique construction, combining our quality Auto-Storm AQUA® with a heavy duty protective top-cover against hail.


Accessories included:

Set of Storm Straps: essential during windy and stormy conditions

Cable & Lock: for tie-down security and protection against theft


  • Quality added protection against hail
  • For full fledged outdoor protection
  • Super soft tear resistant 6-layer material
  • Moisture repellent on the outside, super soft on the inside
  • Includes a set of Storm Straps for windy and stormy conditions
  • Includes a Cable & Lock for tie-down security
  • With welded/waterproofed double-folded seams
  • With eyelets for quality tie-down security
  • Heavy duty elastic hems at both ends
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • Practical matching carry bags included
  • Colour: silver matt, inside grey
  • Hand wash at 30°C


"BEST BRAND" award by "Motor Klassik" magazine - Germany
"BEST PRODUCT" award by "Classic & Sports Car" magazine – UK



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