Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV
The absolute highlight for outdoor use!
5-layered double-cover for extreme weather conditions with added UV protection.

High-tech silver reflective coating
Reflects more than 95% of solar radiation!

Auto-Storm AQUA-UV car cover is a multi-functional 5-layer fully breathable double-cover for dependable protection during extreme outdoor weather conditions. This cover can be used just about anywhere, be it in the mediterranean or in rainy Scotland. Protects wood, leather, vinyl, rubber, upholstery and paint. AQUA-UV features a new and unique “all-round" elastic hem which effectively “clings” to the base of the vehicle. Especially useful during windy and stormy conditions. Includes a set of Storm Straps and a Cable & Lock for security.

Auto-Storm AQUA-UV is so breathable that even a wet car will dry out

Auto-Storm AQUA-UV double-cover has been specially designed to protect cars and motorbikes from extreme weather conditions such as wind, storm, hail, snow, ice and persistent heavy rain as well as heat. AQUA-UV also provides for quality protection against dirt, tree sap, bird droppings and environmental issues. A perfect combination for protection of cars and motorbikes parked outdoors, even whilst exposed to the sun. Thanks to the special UV silver high tech coating virtually all solar radiation is reflected, keeping the car pleasantly cool.

Auto-Storm AQUA-UV by J.F. Stanley & Co. could be described as the most resistant and breathable outdoor double-cover on the market

Auto-Storm AQUA-UV distinguishes itself from other conventional outdoor car covers by its unique double-cover construction, similar to that of a flysheet of a tent. Not only does the silver coated top cover reflect more than 95% of solar radiation but it also filters and converts the pressure of rain into a fine light spray, supporting the main cover underneath in keeping the car dry and cool. With double-stitched waterproof seams and 4 upholstered and padded eyelets. Hand wash at 30°C


Accessories included:

Set of Storm Straps: essential during windy and stormy conditions

Cable & Lock: for tie-down security and protection against theft


  • Dependable protection during extreme weather conditions
  • With High-Tech UV silver coating
  • Reflects more than 95% of solar radiation
  • Protects paint, leather, wood, rubber, upholstery and vinyl
  • Keeps the car nice and cool
  • Unique all-round elastic hem for a firm snug fit
  • Water resistant on the outside - super soft on the inside
  • Welded, double-stitched waterproof seams
  • Fully breathable with no condensation
  • So breathable even a wet car will dry out
  • 4 upholstered and padded eyelets, 2 on each side
  • Ultra soft, tear resistant 5-layered material
  • Rot and mildew resistent
  • With additional protection against hail
  • Includes set of Storm Straps for windy and stormy conditions
  • Includes Cable & Lock against theft
  • Includes a quality matching Carry Bag
  • Colour: Outside silver, inside mid grey
  • Hand Wash at 30°C


"BEST BRAND" award by "Motor Klassik" magazine - Germany
"BEST PRODUCT" award by "Classic & Sports Car" magazine – UK  



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