Auto-Storm® CarPort UV Outdoor Car Cover

Auto-Storm® CarPort UV & Moto-Storm® CarPort UV
For Hi-Tech heat protection in a Carport

Reflects more than 95% of solar radiation!

Auto-Storm® UV is a breathable protective cover against heat. Ideal for vehicles parked outside in the carport and exposed to high temperatures. Protects paint, leather, wood, rubber, upholstery and vinyl. The special silver coating reflects the sun's rays, keeping the vehicle’s interior pleasantly cool.

Auto-Storm UV is so breathable that even a wet car will dry out

Auto-Storm® CarPort UV also offers excellent protection against dirt, sand, bird droppings, and tree resin. With a unique all-round elastic hem which effectively “clings” to the base of the vehicle. Includes a set of Storm Straps, Cable & Lock for security and a practical carrying bag. Compact, super light, and easy to stow. The longevity depends on the intensity and duration of the UV exposure, whereby a service life of 1-3 years is quite conceivable.
In order to prolong the lifespan of your car cover, we recommend that you place your car in a location with as much shade as possible.

For extra protection against rain we recommend our Outdoor Car Cover Auto-Storm® AQUA-UV.

  • With High-Tech UV silver coating
  • Reflects more than 95% of solar radiation
  • Keeps the car nice and cool
  • Protects paint, leather, wood, rubber, upholstery and vinyl
  • Unique all-round elastic hem for a firm snug fit
  • With 4 upholstered and padded eyelets, 2 on each side
  • Fully breathable with no condensation
  • So breathable even a wet car will dry out
  • Includes set of Storm Straps for windy and stormy conditions
  • Includes Cable & Lock against theft
  • Includes a quality matching Carry Bag
  • Rot and mildew resistent
  • Compact, super light and easy to stow
  • Colour: Outside silver, inside mid grey
  • Hand Wash at 30°C

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Auto-Pyjama® J.F.Stanley & Co. Car Covers have been honoured by the readers of the distinguished German magazine "Motor Klassik" with the BEST BRAND AWARD 2021 for car covers for the 11th time in a row.


award by "Classic & Sports Car" magazine – UK