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California Car Duster - Exclusive wax-treated strands lift dust like a magnet

The Original California Car Duster has been a beloved product among car owners and enthusiasts ever since 1989.

This magic car duster not only eliminates dust, it literally lifts it directly off the car, without a single scratch to the finish.

Rather than spreading dust particles from one side to the other, a unique paraffin based wax coating causes dust, dirt, pollen and lint to stick to the countless super soft strands, lifting them and removing them from the car, reducing the need for a car wash.

This magic car duster is densely packed with 100's of thick, super soft 100% cotton strands - each one individually coated with a blanket of baked-in wax.

The California Car Duster is one of a kind, use it whilst on the go or simply when one doesn't have the time to detail one's car. Exceptionally quick and extremely efficient!

Simply run the duster over your car and watch how the dust disappears! Your car will shine with a polished look that will make others think you have spent hours bringing out the shine!


“The dirtier it gets - the better it works!”



  • Ÿ Cleans your car without water
  • Ÿ Guaranteed not to scratch your paintwork
  • Ÿ Can be used year after year without being washed
  • Ÿ With baked-in paraffin wax treatment
  • Ÿ Dust-free shine in seconds!
  • Ÿ Worldwide satisfied customers since 1989



  *  The magic duster is not only for use on your car but also for inside your home!

  *  The California Car Dusters work even better when they are dirty !!

  *  Use on a cool surface


Maxi:  Perfect for the larger paintwork areas

Mini:   Perfect for chrome and the inside of your car


Maxi Dust-Free - 35cm (14")    
 € 33.00         order page
Mini Dust-Free - 20cm ( 8")
 € 25.00  order page
Maxi and Mini as a set  € 55.00  order page