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PermaBag® Climate Control System for cars and motorbikes is a unique, airtight car cover, designed and developed by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts. This long-term storage system remains one of J.F.Stanley & Co.'s most popular and best-selling car covers for over 25 years.

The long-term car storage bag ensures the highest level of year-round, climate-controlled storage without the need for electricity. No rust, no moisture, - reliable storage guaranteed.

PermaBag® is a fabulous investment for those who love their car and would like to preserve both its value and its impeccable condition.  Given today's financial climate, investing in collector cars can also be seen as an excellent opportunity.

In order to ensure that the value of your vehicle continually appreciates, it is imperative to keep your car or motorbike in pristine condition. Whether it's out of pure love and joy or as a financial investment, PermaBag® will keep your car looking exactly as it went in, even after months and years of long-term storage.

PermaBag® has continuously won numerous prestigious awards over the past 12 years and has received nothing but excellent reviews from thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.


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