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For Rust-Free Storage of Motorbikes




Keeps humidity out   No need for electricity   Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

  With airtight diver's zipper    Removes moisture   For indoor and outdoor use



What is PermaBag® ?

PermaBag® is a large airtight zip-up bag, specifically designed for moisture-free long-term storage of valuable vehicles. PermaBag protects cars and motorcycles from rust, mould, moisture and corrosion for months and years without the need for electricity!




How does PermaBag® function ?

PermaBag® prevents rust, mould and corrosion by safely removing moisture from inside the bag, achieving ideal storage conditions of less than 50% rel. humidity, similar to that of the Arizona desert. No need for electricity, parts or replacements. Moisture is absorbed by means of PermaPack®, a moisture absorbing 316-stainless steel cylinder. A digital Thermo-Hygrometer monitors the level of moisture inside the bag and indicates when it is time to regenerate the cylinders.




What is PermaPack®?

PermaPack® is a unique moisture absorbing cylinder capable of absorbing large amounts of water. PermaPack is drip-free, non toxic, environmentally friendly and can be regenerated in a normal household oven and re-used over and over again. PermaPack come in two sizes, 18 cm (7") and 6 cm (2-1/2").




PermaPack® - Regenerable
moisture absorbing
316 - s/s cylinder



Observation window
for the digital




Does PermaBag® come in different sizes?

PermaBag® is available in 14 sizes, from a small scooter to a large truck. Due to the unique shape, it is often possible to use one size for various vehicles of similar size.



Can PermaBag® be used both indoors and outdoors?

PermaBag is available for both indoor and outdoor use. The indoor version is suitable for garages, underground parking, workshops, halls, barns, etc. The outdoor version can be used just about anywhere where there is solid, non-porous ground. To make the PermaBag suitable for outdoor use, the special outer protective cover has been heat-sealed along all seams, just like professional high-performance tents and rain jackets, so that the pinholes are sealed and the cover remains 100% waterproof. This outdoor cover comes with a range of additional accessories for extra protection from rain, wind and thunderstorms.



PermaBag® for indoor use comes complete with:

  • PermaBag® airtight zip-up cover
  • PermaPack® moisture absorbing cylinder
  • Thermo-Hygrometer for reliable moisture control
  • Brass lock for security
  • Practical zip-up carry bag



PermaBag® for outdoor use comes complete with:

  • PermaBag® airtight zip-up Cover
  • Auto-Pyjama® car cover for extra padding
  • Auto-Storm® cover for weather and UV protection
  • PermaPack® moisture absorbing cylinders
  • Thermo-Hygrometer for reliable moisture control
  • Set of Storm-Straps for stormy conditions
  • Brass lock for security
  • Practical zip-up carry bag



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Useful accessories for PermaBag®

100% solid rubber pads for permanent tyre relief

Extra PermaPack® stainless steel cylinders



Some Advantages of PermaBag® :

Some systems pump air into a PVC bag. This method simply transfers humid air through the bag, resulting in the same moist conditions inside the bag as outside the bag. Electric de-humidifiers struggle to maintain a relative humidity of under 50% and have to switch themselves off at temperatures below 10°C. PermaBag needs no electricity and functions effectively between +40°C and -50°C.







A summary of PermaBag®

  • 14 sizes, for Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks and SUV’s
  • Maintenance free, operates without electricity
  • Diver's zipper for airtight, moisture free protection
  • Digital Thermo-Hygrometer for reliable humidity control
  • Transparent window for direct hygrometer observation
  • Regenerable 316-steel cylinders
  • Made of reinforced, tear-resistant 0,28mm PE in silver
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Available for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Lockable and opaque as a deterrent against theft
  • Hand washable at 30°C



Since 1996, PermaBag® has grown to become one of the worlds most effective climate control systems for long-term storage of cars and motorbikes, used and recognized by tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.


Customer-Experience with PermaBag®



Also available as a set, with useful extras at a special price:

for indoor use   CombiSet No. 5  &  CombiSet No. 6

 for outdoor use  CombiSet No. 8  &  CombiSet No. 9



Pricelist & Order page:   For Indoors  


Pricelist & Order page:   For Outdoors 


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Auto-Storm® J.F.Stanley & Co. Car Covers have been honoured by the readers of the distinguished German magazine "Motor Klassik" with the BEST BRAND AWARD 2023 for car covers for the 13th time in a row.


award by "Classic & Sports Car" magazine – UK



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