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Tireshoes® Tire Cradles - 100% Solid Rubber - For Reliable Tyre Relief


TireShoes® prevent tyres from going square. Fine cars are often left standing for months at a time. Flat spots, cracked sidewalls, a bumpy ride are some of the issues involved. TireShoes distribute the weight of a car, relieving the tyres and keeping them balanced and perfectly round.


TireShoes® are made of 100% natural solid rubber with a special non-slip rubber structured base for self-adhering reliable support. Simply place a TireShoe in front of each wheel, drive on, ready!


TireShoes® are suitable for all types of tyres up to 285mm in width. For wider tyres simply place two TireShoes next to each other.


  • Solid 100% rubber
  • Prevents flat-spots and sidewalls from cracking
  • Keeps tyres perfectly balanced
  • Non-slip rubber structured base
  • Suitable for both cars and motorbikes
  • 5 years quality guarantee
  • Position, drive on, ready



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