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PermaPack® Dehumidifying Cylinder, Stops Moisture in Cars


Prevents mildew and musty smell. Keeps leather, wood and upholstery nice and dry. PermaPack will not drip, not even when saturated!  When full, simply bake in a normal household oven and reuse over and over again.

18cm Maxi for the car and 6cm Mini for the boot. The 18cm cylinder will absorb up to 600ml of water (almost a pint) whilst the 6cm can take up to 200ml.


  • Maxi with 18cm for the car
  • Mini with 6cm for the boot
  • 316-stainless steel - Marine Grade
  • Salt and seawater resistant
  • Will not drip, not even when saturated
  • Simply bake in an oven when saturated
  • Can be reused again and again       
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Works for years and years



PermaPack®  Maxi

- 18cm   (7,0") 

€ 88.00

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PermaPack®  Mini

-  6cm   (2,5")

€ 57.00

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Maxi & Mini as a set 

- 18cm & 6cm

    € 145.00

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