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PermaBag® RustFree Comfort - Indoor Special No. 5

Everything you need for indoor long-term hibernation

Special No.5 includes:

PermaBag® - for indoor use, complete with:

  • PermaPack® regenerable moisture absorbing cylinders
  • Thermo-Hygrometer for constant humidity control
  • Diver's zipper for air-tight humidity protection
  • Brass lock for security
  • Practical zip-up carry bag

TireShoes® - For Reliable Tyre Relief

  • Solid 100% rubber
  • Prevents flat-spots and sidewalls from cracking
  • Keeps tyres perfectly balanced
  • Non-Slip rubber structured base
  • Suitable for both cars and motorbikes
  • 5 years quality guarantee
  • Position, drive on, ready