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Frequently Asked Questions



How can one protect a motor-bike against humidity?

In order to protect a motor-bike against humidity it is necessary to keep the relative humidity below 50%. At these conditions rust and mould will also be avoided.


Why do garages not protect against humidity ?

Garages are not sealed. Humidity from outside the garage enters through walls, windows, doors and floors. Due to lack of ventilation moisture is trapped, resulting in humid, corrosive conditions. Heated or unheated, above ground or below ground, vehicles will often suffer by the damaging effects of humidity. Moisture can be seen as droplets, appearing on walls and cars.


Why are vehicles from California relatively free from rust ?

Vehicles from California are often in good condition, even after 20 years or more. The reason for this is the low relative humidity. Low humidity prevents rust and mildew from accumulating, metal, wood, and leather remain intact.


What are the best means of protection against humidity ?

The best means of protection against humidity is achieved by prevention of moisture. Storage conditions of less than 50% relative humidity will guarantee a perfect climate for long term storage. Moisture within PermaBag is absorbed by means of PermaPack®, a special rechargeable moisture absorbing cylinder.


Can the PermaPack® cylinders be regenerated when they are full ?

Once PermaPack is full simply bake in a normal household oven for 4-5 hours at 220°C (430 - 480°F).


How many years do the PermaPack® cylinders last and when do they need to be replaced ?

It is recommended that the PermaPack® cylinders be replaced after 5-6 years of use.


What are the advantages of PermaBag® compared to other climate control systems?

The advantages of PermaBag® are self explanatory. Some systems pump air into a transparent PVC bag. This method merely transfers humid air through the bag, resulting in the same humid conditions inside the bag as outside. Other systems such as electric de-humidifiers are unable to maintain a relative humidity of less than 50%. This is due to moisture entering through garage windows, garage walls and garage doors. De-humidifiers are unable to operate at temperatures below 10°C and subsequently switch themselves off. PermaBag functions at all temperatures, does not require electricity and effectively removes humidity levels for guaranteed rust-free storage.

has been deployed successfully worldwide since 1996 and offers owners of valuable vehicles an ideal environment for long-term moisture free storage.




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Cover and enclose the
PermaPack® cylinders



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