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Charge your Car Battery in Minutes without Opening the Bonnet

The Multi-Power 3 in 1 is a fantastic little practical gadget for any oldtimer owner. It is simple, effective and has multiple practical purposes.



Do you have a flat battery? No problem, the multi-power is designed to give quick and easy access to your vehicle's battery, acting as a slow jump start by charging your flat battery by simply inserting the connector plug into the cigarette lighter socket (12V) of both cars. No need to fumble around with jump-leads or even open your bonnet and get your hands dirty! 

Once both connectors have been plugged into the cars, a simple flick of the switch, and it will recharge your flat battery and allow you to drive away after only a few minutes.

Simple, effective, no fuss, no mess and no mechanical knowledge required. 


The 3 in 1 charger also acts as an extension cable providing an additional 12V cigarette lighter socket. The two 12V sockets can be used at the same time and are ideal for trips, camping, picnics and outings when you may have DC appliances (battery run) that need charging*, such as phones, camera, ipod, laptop, cooler box, mini stove, or any other small battery run appliance. 

Comes with a very generous extension cable offering easy access up to 5.5m away. Ideal for use in classic cars, oldies, campervans and caravans when out and about, camping, at a car rally or show, or enjoying a simple picnic. 


3. 12V LIGHT 

A fantastic emergency light up to 5.5m away from your car. Practical and handy to have around a classic car for impromptu issues when on the go, under the bonnet or under the car. Also fantastic for camping or evening picnics.


The Multi-power has a built-in automatic fuse in case of any electrical issues with no need to exchange the fuse. A practical carry case is also included. 

A truly practical gem of a product to keep in the boot of any Oldtimer.

*adapter for Cigarette socket needed. 


5 min

10 min

15 min

20/25 min


Engine only turns over slowly

Clicking sound heard 

No clicking sound 

Headlamps don’t even light up 


Belongs in every Oldtimer - Complete with carry-bag


Multi-Power    € 24.00


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