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Multi-Power 3 in 1, No need to open the bonnet!

safe and easy way to recharge a dead car battery. Simply insert the connerctor plug in to the cigarette lighter socket of both cars.

includes two 12V cigarette lighter sockets, suitable for two 12V DC appliances, used at the same time. Complete with 5.5 meter extension cable for easy access 5,5 meters away. Use with a Mobile Phone, MP3-Player, Radio/Casette, CD, TV, Fax, Laptop, Vacuum Cleaner, Ice box, etc.

3. 12V-LIGHT: Emergency light, 5,5 meters away from the car. Handy for around the classic car, as well as picknicks and camping.

With built-in automatic fuse in case of an electrical issue. No need to exchange the fuse. 12V DC, minus to ground, carry-bag included.


Belongs in every Oldtimer - Complete with carry-bag


Multi-Power    € 24.00


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