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Premier Quality Retro Seat Covers, Made of the finest quality sheepskins available

  • Tailored to the contours of your seat
  • First class quality with a thick 25mm (1") luxurious pile
  • Covers the entire seat
  • Lined in 100% cotton for seat protection
  • Heavy duty elastic straps
  • Elastic borders for a perfect fit
  • "classic" for broad-backed classic seats
  • "pilot" for high-backed seats with integrated headrests
  • Not suitable for AirBag seats
  • Colours: In anthracite-grey or sahara-beige


Cool in summer, warm and cozy in winter


Seat Cover "Classic"  Seat width up to 52cm (20½")     € 70.00  order page
Headrest for "Classic"  for Seat Cover "Classic" 
€ 21.00  order page
Seat Cover "Pilot"  Seat width up to 53cm (21")
€ 89.00  order page
Seat Cover "Pilot"  Seat width up to 56cm (22")
  € 109.00  order page