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Auto-Pyjama® Moto-Pyjama® Auto-Storm® Moto-Storm® PermaBag® PermaPack® TireShoes®


Soft and gentle wing protection during repair or maintenance


Our wing protector is magnetic and offers super soft, cushioned protection. It protects against scratches and scuffs to the paintwork caused by zips, buttons and straps while working on the vehicle.


Made of double layered 100% soft cotton material with embedded magnetic flexible strips for a simple and firm hold on the car's wing or bodywork.


  • Soft 100% cotton
  • Double layer padding
  • Protects while working on the car
  • Colour: Ferrari red with a black border
  • Size: 100cm x 60cm (40" x 24")
  • Machine washable at 30℃


Each   € 32.00


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