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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I compare the breathability of different car covers?
Why are cotton car covers so breathable?
Why should I choose a cotton car cover?

Three fundamental questions that arise when it comes to selecting a breathable car cover:

too bad that some suppliers lead their customers astray by intentionally providing incorrect information about breathable car covers. So, the time has come for certain facts to be clarified.

Let's start with some facts about breathability:

The quicker and the more moisture a fabric can absorb, the more breathable the material. Cotton, for instance, is especially quick in absorbing and releasing moisture. The perfect example is a cotton towel, the ultimate in breathability. A cotton towel absorbs moisture very fast and dries just as quickly. The same applies to other cotton products such as T-shirts, underwear, socks, linen etc. This is probably the reason why cotton feels so comfortable to wear, which is why 100% cotton is highly recommended for use in breathable car covers.

The fact is that cotton is the most breathable natural fibre used for the production of car covers.

Last but not least we would like to point out that apart from being breathable, cotton is also super soft, hardly inflammable and machine washable up to 30°C. That is why museums, collectors and owners of valuable cars use protective covers made of 100% cotton.