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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of a 100% cotton car cover?

Cotton has six important properties that make it excellent for use as a car cover:

1. Cotton has a pleasantly soft texture that cannot cause scratches, not even on highly sensitive surfaces.

2. Cotton is exceptionally breathable.

3. Cotton is moisture regulating.

4. Cotton is tear resistant and extremely durable.

5. Cotton is natural.

6. Cotton is flame retardant.


Why is it so important for car covers to be breathable?

The faster and more moisture a fabric can absorb and release, the more breathable the material. A particularly good example is a cotton towel, the ultimate in breathability. A cotton towel absorbs moisture quickly and also dries quickly. The same is true for other cotton products, such as T-shirts, underwear, socks, bedding, etc. This is also the reason why cotton feels so comfortable to wear. The human body is constantly confronted with moisture. For said reasons, cotton is and remains the most recommended fiber for use in car upholstery.

There is a good reason why museums, antique collectors and owners of valuable cars always tend to use protective covers made of 100% cotton, simply because there is no other material more suitable for this purpose.