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Garage Comfort - Indoor Special No. 1

Our popular CombiSet for indoor use

Special No.1 includes:

Auto-Pyjama® Car Cover, 100% Thick Brushed Cotton

  • Thick soft fleece on the inside for maximum protection
  • The ultimate quality for the utmost protection of the finest finish
  • Ferrari red & Royal blue with side zipper access
  • 5 years quality guarantee

PermaPack® Moisture Absorbing Cylinders - 18 & 6cm

  • Stops moisture in cars
  • Regenerable, reuse again and again
  • 18cm for inside the car
  •   6cm for the boot

California Car Duster - set of two

  • "Original California" Magic Car Duster
  • Soft and gentle, 100% Cotton
  • Lifts dust without water
  • Maxi-Duster for the car
  • Mini-Duster for chrome and interior